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Special Relativity, French, solutions manual

  1. Nov 9, 2014 #1
    I'm currently reading Special Relativity, the famous book on this subject by French. The book does contain a nice set of problems for each chapter and corresponding answers at the end of the book. The issue I have with the answers though is that they are mostly just the correct answers, there are no example solutions, calculations, etc. Since I'm doing this completely as self-study this is very problematic for me, after all what are you going to do with a correct answer if yours is wrong and you don't understand how to arrive at the correct one.
    Is there any solutions manual available for the problems in this book that include calculation steps, etc. ? I searched online but wasn't able to find it.
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    Rather than get a solutions manual why not post your work here and see what others have to say? This will greatly increase your understanding although at first it may be slow going.
  4. Nov 9, 2014 #3
    Thanks for the suggestion, that is definitely also an option but as you say indeed slows one down, I find that often from a correct solution that includes some steps it's very easy to understand how it's done, for cases where I would still not get it for whatever reason (for example if I wouldn't understand how to go from one step to the next) I could post it here but I'd highly prefer to have such a solution manual as the first option to try and understand quickly why my answer was not correct and what I did wrong.
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    Anyone with a further idea on this? Still hoping to find a solution manual or another form of answers that include workings. Thanks!
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    Sometimes, there just isn't a solution manual.
    And then you need to work hard by yourself... that's part of learning math,physics and engineering.
    Yes, it will go slowly, but to understand something really deeply you need to take the time.
  7. Nov 16, 2014 #6
    I totally understand what you are saying. However, I have limited time so I want to spend it as efficient as possible. I have a full-time job and manage to study physics/math for about 10-16 hours a week. Also, I have always studied in the way I suggested: first trying to figure out things by myself, if I don't manage then check a full solution that includes workings, only then if I still don't get it, ask someone else. In the past I was always able to complete and pass what I was studying in this way with relative ease, so at least for me it works very well:)

    If it turns out there is no solution manual for French then I will try and find some other relevant book that includes problems with full solutions. Any suggestions for such a book are more than welcome of course!
  8. Nov 16, 2014 #7
    I have now ordered "Special Relativity: An Introduction with 200 Problems and Solutions Hardcover" by Michael Tsamparlis. I think this will have more complete solutions so I will try my luck with these but further suggestions are still more than welcome.
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