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Speed of light & streaming video!

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    If one were to travel towards a star at the speed of light, and the spaceship beamed to Earth a continuous video stream of the voyage with an on board camera running not @ 25 FPS but at 300,000,000 FPS; Then what will the person on earth watching the streaming video see as the voyage progressed? Would he see a gradual slowing down of the movement within the video? Or would there be no change? will the streaming video be realtime (to the observer only)?
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    Yes but doesn't the Doppler effect only change the frequency? Compressing a wavelength or stretching it will not affect space-time as Gravity does. Correct me if I am wrong. Still learning after all!
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    First of all the spaceship does not have to travel with relativistic speed for the video to get slower and slower (look at the formula and you see why), but the higher the speed the greater the effect. BY the way reaching the speed of light is impossible, one can only approach it.

    If you express the velocity v of the spaceship in terms of c, so v < c, then the slow down is:

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