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Spice with z, y, s, and abcd paramaters

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    Hey all,

    Is there some sort of program that allows one to analyze circuits in terms of z, y, s, and abcd paramaters? A lot of my microwave course revolves around analysis in this fashion, and I want to ensure that I am determining the correct paramaters for a given set up.

    As an example, in the image we have a transistor with a resistor. The transistor (alone) has the impedance matrix shown in the image. Is there a program that can tell me the z, y, s, abcd parameters of the circuit as an entirety? I can do it by hand, but I'd like to check my answers.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Yes, the .NET statement in SPICE will compute all of that. I confess I have never used the .NET statement...
    If you need a SPICE app, google "LTSPICE".
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