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Spring and Damper system for viabrations

  1. Feb 6, 2013 #1

    This is a real life problem I am trying to find vibration effects.

    I have 2 servo motors constantly going back and forth on a granite countertop. The two servo motors are moving two 75 KG masses.

    I am trying to solve for the vibration effects that will happen on the granite countertop and all I read about is mass damper systems.

    Is there a spring and damper value that I should assign to the granite table?

    How do I solve the problem?
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    printzOr, So you want to find “the vibration effects that will happen”! I cannot tell you how to predict (solve) for them.

    You might consider measuring the vibrations of the granite countertop with accelerometers, for example.

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    You need to explain what "vibration effects" you are interested in, before you will get much useful help here. Some diagrams or photos of the setup might be useful to explain what the problem is.
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    Vibration studies are accomplished by modeling systems as "spring-mass-dampers." However it is vital to provide a diagram of your setup to see exactly what your talking about.
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