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Homework Help: Spting Balance in Space(no calculations)

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    Spring Balance in Space(no calculations)

    Using a spring balance in space to measure the weight of anything is useless. Is there any way to use a spring balance to compare the weight of two people in space?
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    If by compare you mean find the ratio of their weights, then if the spring balance were specially designed for the purpose they could do it. First, you have to be talking about a place in space where they actually have some weight (like in orbit around a planet) and you have to believe in the idea that weight is proportional to mass. You could do a measurement to find the ratio of the masses, and from that the ratio of their weights. It would involve conservation of momentum. The spring balance could be something like a slinky spring, with flexible vanes attached to each loop (imagine a small sticky note paper stuck to each coil of the spring).
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