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Square metre to Square Feet conversion

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    Hey guys,

    Call me stupid, idiotic or dumb but i need an answer to this:
    Here is the thing:

    f= feet

    Equation 1: 20' x 30' = 600 sq ft

    Now Converting to metre:

    ? x ? = 200 sq m

    I need to know proportionately what x what gives me 200 sq m?? Plz explain how you get the answers??

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    Your question is not very clear. I'm guessing you need L and W so that L x W = 200 and L / W = 20 / 30. If that is it, it has nothing to do with feet or meters. The units are irrelevant in that problem.

    To solve the system
    simply pick an equation and solve for one of the variables in terms of the other variable, then plug that expression into the other equation. Solving for one variable should be pretty simple.
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    Suppose 1(foot)=k (meters) for some linear conversion constant k.
    Then, you have:
    where (sqft) means square foot, and (sqm) square meters.

    We therefore have the conversion formulae:

    Now, suppose you are to convert 2(sqft) into (sqm) units.
    Then you have:
    If you are to convert square meters into square feet, use the other formula.
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    As Moo of Doom said, it's not clear what your question is. For one thing you ask for "x" but the only "x" in your question is the one you used as a multiplication sign!

    If you asking how to convert 600 square feet into square meters, then using arildno's method, you have to know that there are approximately .3048 meters per foot. Therefore, there are approximately(.3048)2(600)= 55.7 square meters in 600 square feet.

    Or perhaps you are asking how to convert 200 square meters into square feet. Since now you are going the "opposite way", divide by .30482 instead of multiplying. There are approximately 200/(.3048)2= 2152.8 square feet in 200 square meters.

    Or you might be asking for length and width of a rectangle such that
    length times width= 200 m. Unfortunately there are many different answers to that even if you require integer length sides: for example, 1 m x 200 m= 200 square meters, 2m x 100 m= 200 m, 4 m x 50 m= 200 square meters, etc. If you allow fractional lengths, there are an infinite number of solutions. (And it has nothing to do with converting from feet to meters.)

    Perhaps you are asking a somewhat more complicated question: what must be the length and width of a rectangle of the same proportions as 20' x 30' which has area 200 square meters. In that case, if we let w= width, h= height, since the 20' x 30' rectangle has ratio, height to width, of 30'/20'= 3/2, we must have h= (3/2)w. Since area= hw= 200,
    (3/2)w2= 200, w2= (2/3)(200)= 400/3 and
    w= sqrt(400/3)= 20/sqrt(3)= 11.5 meters and h= (3/2)(11.5)= 17.3 m approximately.
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    Thankyou all,

    What arildno and HallsofIvy explained to me, was exactly what i needed.....thankyou my question what i needed to know was how to convert sq feet to sq meter and i got it...

    Thanks again....:smile:

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