Stainless Steels and High Performance Alloys

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Questions come up time to time regarding stainless steels and special or high performance alloys.

Manufacturers and suppliers have some technical information on their websites. For example, here are some major suppliers:

High Performance Alloys, Inc.

Haynes International, Inc

Allegheny Technologies Incorporated

Carpenter Technology Corporation


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Astro, it is so cool that you spontaneously throw things like this up for reference. Most people here merely respond to specific questions, but this is about a half dozen or so times that I've seen you bring something up that will help so many people without them having to ask. (And who knows what you were doing before I got here.) Cheers, mate.


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My main interest in this area is knives. I love Sabatier chef's knives (from the firm using the 4-star and elephant logo), and though I currently have a 6" SS model that is fantastic, I wish now that I had gone for the forged carbon steel model, and sequestered it for non-acidic jobs. No slicing tomatoes, limes, lemons etc. My old carbon model would hold a razor edge for weeks without honing, as long as it was confined to slicing/chopping relatively neutral vegetables and meats. It can be hard to spend 60-80 bucks on a 6" chef's knife, but when it turns into the "GO TO" knife for both of us within a day, it seems like a good investment.
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