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Static Equilibrium force problem

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    What force must be exerted by the wind to support a 2.5 kg chicken in the position where one leg is touching the ground 9 cm from the center of mass, the other is up in the air Irrelevant to this problem.
    I know the sum of the torque must be equil to zero, but if the force due to the wind is horizontal and the other forces are vertical..can they be set equal to each other? how?
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    There should be at least 4 forces:
    The Normal Force

    I'd guess you forgot one or two of them.
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    I am still lost in this problem and have another for you
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    The same topic...
    a) What force must the woman in the figure above exert on the floor with each hand to do a push-up? Assume that she moves up at a constant speed.
    Fhand =

    b) The triceps muscle in the back of her upper arm has an effective lever arm of 1.75 cm, and she exerts force on the floor a horizontal distance of 20 cm from the elbow joint. What is the force in her triceps muscle?
    Fmuscle =
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