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Homework Help: Statistical Signifance with Multiple Sample Groups?

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    I will present a vary simplified version of the problem I am trying to model. Essentially I took 100 people and split them into 10 groups. To each group I tried to sell them a product. To the first group I priced the product at $5, to the second I priced it at $15, to the third $25, etc.

    My null hypothesis is that the pricing of the product doesn't not influence the consumers choice to buy or not buy. My data looks something like this:

    at $5 3 people bought
    at $15 5 people bought
    at $25 3 people bought

    Again this is not my actual data, but the fundamentals are the same. What is an appropriate test I can use to show that I cannot reject the null hypothesis?
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    You might try a contingency table.
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