Steady state heat conduction problem

  1. I have to solve a problem regarding "2D steady state heat conduction problem with an internal heat generation source". For boundary value, dirichlet is applied at 3 sides and neumann is at one side.

    I can solve this problem when no internal heat source exists and only dirichlet is applied.
    Would anyone please suggest me how can I solve the problem?
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  3. Re: Steady state heat conduction problem SOLVED

    I solved the problem my self. I would recommend the book "Heat Conduction" by Ozesik for
    solving this type of problem. Its the best.

    I have one queation, is it possible to get the exact solution of nonhomogeneous partial equation using matlab?
  4. if we have 2D heat equation
    and we have unit squre domain
    where g is source term
    initial and boundary conditions are
    and U(x,y,t)=0 for all t at boundary
    can you tell me how we write in matlab code
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