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Steel Making process (always half explained)

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    I want to try and make some steel alloy in an induction furnace. I have gone through youtube, Engineering Books, Internet and yet I haven`t found an answer that will completely explain how to make steel alloy.

    In what form are the components like Si, P, Mg, Mn etc added to melted iron in order to give it the form of steel? How do they alloy if they have different melting temperatures ?

    Never have I ever seen a picture of the compounds or a detailed explanation as to how steel alloys are mixed and prepared !.. Hopeless education system!!!!!

    I can only hope that some one has mercy on my questions and helps me with an answer.
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    This might help - http://www.keytometals.com/page.aspx?ID=CheckArticle&site=kts&NM=2

    More articles - http://www.keytometals.com/page.aspx?ID=Articles&LN=EN
    Look for: The Basics of Ferrous Metallurgy

    Elements can be added as chemically or metallurgically pure bars, or as compounds, which are tossed into the melt. Alot depends on the melting technology.

    Steel is a high bulk material.

    P, Mg are considered impurities, so it is desirable to remove them.
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