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Stopping Microwave Antenna Effect

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    Currently I am working on a project which involves putting a metal shaft into a microwave which extends out of the microwave as well. After grounding the shaft I ran a test to look at the effect of microwave leakage out of the microwave due to an antenna effect from the shaft. There was significant leakage, well above approved limits. I had a question regarding a way to stop this leakage. I am not too skilled in the area of microwaves or electrical engineering, but I came across an EMF shielding paint which claims to be able to block microwaves (http://www.lessemf.com/paint.html). Theoretically if the shaft was coated in this paint, would the microwaves just reflect back into the microwave cavity and not travel up the the shaft?
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    It would help to understand your purpose in this project.

    Grounding the shaft arbitrarily is not enough. Coating the shaft, if it is already metal will not have any meaningful effect. I think the critical area is the interface where the shaft crosses into the microwave chamber. There should be no gap there. How is yours set up?
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