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Stranded Conductor vs. Single Core

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    Will the impedance characteristics for a length of stranded conductor be really close to an equivalent length of single core conductor?

    For example, can you expect the same impedance from a 20 ft. run of 12 AWG single core as you would from a 20 ft. run of 20 AWG stranded conductor?

    I know the reasoning behind using stranded conductor is to reduce skin effect, but will it have the same ampacity/resistivity/inductance/capacitance as its counterpart within a few percentage points?
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    OK, someone here simply *must* know the answer to this.
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    You can do stranded vs solid inductance calculations from Grover's Inductance Calculations. They are different.
    Resistivity is generally the same unless you've work-hardened the copper during stranding. Resistance will be very close at low frequencies and quite different at high frequencies.
    Capacitance will be different and the amount is too dependent on specific geometry to give a "one size fits all" answer. Calculation is an absolute bear; better to measure.
    Then, there's the problem with heat. There's a significant difference between stranded and solid.
    Moreover, there's also the concern with the type of stranding. There are many and the effects are different.
    Also, are the strands insulated from one another?
    As I said, no.
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