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Streaming your video library online

  1. Nov 16, 2011 #1
    hi well its pretty much what the title says, ive been using Tversity for all my media server needs, ie transcoding and streaming videos to my xbox 360 and to my partners laptop over the home network, now what i was wondering was can i do similar but over the internet, now tversity doesnt support online streaming but i do remember an advertisement on television for windows 7 showing someting similar, where a teenager was abroad and he could access media on his home pc.

    For the life of me i cant find what im looking for an just wondered if anyone has come across the software to do what im asking.

    Basically i want to watch a few movies while im in work, upload speed shouldnt be an issue as ive got 100mbit broadband and my pc's spec is upto scratch.

    Before anyone complains this is nothing todo with piracy or such, there all movies which i own and just want the option to watch them in work :)

    thanks for any help
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