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String theory & Quantum Mechanics

  1. Oct 20, 2015 #1
    Did string theory come about as a possible solution to quantum mechanic's "something being in several places at the same time" paradox so to speak? I am not a math-guy or pretend to know anything about physics. I m just curious. I was thinking that what appears as something being in multiple places at the same time is a vibration. Just like a guitar string when "plucked." It appears to be in several places at the same time but in fact it is not.

    Thanks in advanced for anything that may satisfy my curiosity
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    No. Quantum mechanics doesn't really have such a paradox - you'll see it in popularizations but it's somewhere between an oversimplification and an outright misconception. There are many threads on this topic over in the QM subforum here.

    (QM does have plenty of other weirdnesses and counterintuitive concepts though)
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    Thanks for the reply. I will out QM subforums
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