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Homework Help: Structural mechanics-force diagram,shear stress,elastic curve

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    There are totally 4 questions .i struggled for a whole day and i still cannot solve it.Please help me!
    For Question 1:
    My problem is that i cannot find out the reaction Ax,Ay,Dx,Dy though i establish 4 eqt:
    1:Ax+Dx=90 kN
    2:Ay+Dy=90 kN
    3:summation Ma=0 ,anticlockwise positve
    4:summation Md=0 ,anticlockwise +ve

    For Question 2:
    i dunno what is the meaning of G=80kN/mm^2 and how to calculate the shear force?
    also, what is Bredt-Batho theory? My professor haven't mentioned it so far.

    For Question 4:
    The first load from left P=WL/5 is outside the Y-axis, does it mean that i can neglect it?
    to find the equation of elastic curve, do i need to establish the Moment equation for each section?

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    For question 1, in 2 dimensional frames, there are only 3 equations of statics external to the system that you can use in solving for external reactions...sum of Fx=0, sum of Fy=0, and sum of moments about any point = 0. The 4th equation you list is redundant. Since there are 4 unknowns, you must look at what is going on internal to the system to get your 4th equation. What do you know about the moment at the hinged joint C?
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