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Study aerospace technology in univ (civil engineering)

  1. Jul 23, 2014 #1
    Hello everyone, I have a question regarding aerospace technology civil engineering.

    What are the chances that you get to work with companies such as NASA and SpaceX? In case it is low, what do you do otherwise with the degree you have been working on?

    I might wanna persue a degree in this particular field but I am worried about the odds of working with air planes, helicopters and basically everything not being associated with space exploration itself (constructing/designing space capsules for example).

    If I don't get a job at NASA or any company like that, and I work in a university instead, what exactly am I going to work with? I don't like educating people so that is not an option for me.


    What are the odds of working with devices associated with space exploration (NOT airplanes and helicopters)? And what do you do if you're working in a university (research, educate?)? Should I persue this career if I really want to work with space technology, or is the chances of me doing it simply too low?
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    What exactly does your degree work with. I am assuming structural engineering with a concentration on aerospace.

    You should be aware that many companies do space work other than just JPL and SpaceX.

    Also why are you limiting yourself to only space and not general aerospace?
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    Sorry, I am quite misinformed about this specific degree, aerospace is what I meant to say. It's about technical physics involving electro technics and the degree is more inclined towards the space itself, not sure how, they did not describe is absolute definition of it but I think that it is because of their coorporations with many space agencies.

    Also I am talking about the start of the university, this is not a master program or anything like that, it's on a basic level. The reason why I am limiting myself to space is because I do not like working with vehicles suitable for this planet only, feels a bit too narrow. I prefer space itself.
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    sorry for the late response.
    I work in the aerospace industry. While there are engineering locations that work primarily on space equipment, there are many more that work on equipment for both planes/helicopters and spacecraft. While it is possible to get a job working only on spacecraft, it may be slightly more difficult than getting a job in aerospace in general.

    If you are passionate about working only on spacecraft I say you go for it.

    What part of the spacecraft are you interested in designing, or are you not sure. Electronics, systems, structures, controls, communications, etc....
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