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Studying to become an Electrical Enginee

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    Thought I'd first start with introducing myself.

    My name is Luke, I live in BC, Canada. Currently studying to become an Electrical Engineer. I have recently finished 2nd year of 4 acedemic years and I am doing co-op work experience so that adds on another year until I finish my degree.
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    Welcome to the PF, lukas. It's a great place for learning and asking questions. There are separate sub-forums for Homework Help (for homework and coursework, as explained in the PR Rules link at the top of the page), and general technical questions or upper-division project questions are posted in the general technical forums like here in the EE forum.

    Now I'll go over and see if I have anything useful to say about your sawmill question -- I don't work much with 3-phase power systems though. Welcome aboard!
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    Thanks for the welcome
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