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Suggest to me a new project on embedded systems

  1. Sep 19, 2014 #1
    hello friends

    I have to submit project in class within 3 months

    my guide told me you have to make project on embedded system (major project )

    quality of project
    1) idea should be new
    2) we can modify old project
    3) project should have multiple use
    4) project should be complete in less cost

    I have suggested some topics
    1)web based wireless electricity monitoring system
    2)heart rate monitoring system

    but he told me , search some new idea .that is old ideas I am searching some new idea on internet
    can someone suggest some new ideas that fulfill my project requirement ?
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    Are you going to actually build it, or just draw schematics & do a report?

    If you are going to build it, what microcontrollers (uCs) do you have experience with? Arduino, PIC, Rapsberry Pi, BeagleBone, etc.? Do you have experience programming CPLDs or FPGAs to implement complicated circuits and state machines? What is your electronics background? What year are you in school?
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