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Courses Suggested Math and Physics Courses for Plasma physics/Fusion Engineering?

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    Hello all, I am currently a second year engineering physics major, specializing in Nuclear Engineering. What would be the best Math and Physics courses to get an idea of what fusion engineering and/or Plasma physics is like (My university does not offer any formal fusion engineering classes)? I am planning on going five years for undergrad, so I have a bit of flexibility of taking extra courses in addition to those required for my major.
    Math Required for Major:
    Calc I-IV
    Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations
    Vector Analysis for Engineers
    Partial Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems
    Introductory Linear Algebra

    The physics requirement seems to be pretty much the same as about any other physics undergrad program. If needed I'll list the courses (but there are quite a few!)
    In addition to the required Courses, my university also offers these courses every year:
    Elementary Particle Physics
    Atomic and Molecular Physics
    Nuclear Physics
    Condensed Matter Physics
    Computational Physics
    There are a few other courses that seem to be offered sporadically, but I can't find any details on them except for the call number for the course. If I take the graduate level quantum mechanics, then those courses appear more often, but due to time and scheduling issues I do not believe I would have a chance to take them ( I would be taking the grad level quantum mechanics in my fifth year). Thanks for any suggerstions!
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    Well, one additional physics course i'm thinking about take is "Methods of Theoretical Physics". The prereqs for it are "Mathematical Principles in Science I" and "Mathematical Methods in Science".
    So that adds two more math courses and an additional physics. The only problem is that the theoretical physics course is only offered in the summer.
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    I talked to my current physics professor about it an he recommended that I take Group theory and Complex analysis. My university offers Complex Variables for Engineers, is that along the same idea as Complex Analysis? The other Complex analysis courses that my university offers are all grad level and there is no way I would be able to meet all the prereqs by the time I graduate. Also the group theory seems to only be a grad level course.
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    The undergrad version of group theory would probably be in a more general class called Abstract Algebra or just Algebra. If your school has a math major its very unlikely that they wouldn't have an undergrad algebra class. Complex variables is the class you're looking for complex analysis.
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    Fusion engineering? There is no such thing.
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