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In the United States, Advanced Placement (AP) Physics collectively refers to the College Board Advanced Placement Program courses and exams covering various areas of physics. These are intended to be equivalent to university courses that use best practices of physics teaching pedagogy.
Each AP Physics course culminates in an optional exam for which high-performing students may receive some credit towards their college coursework, depending on which college or university they attend.

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  1. T

    TomL - old physics guy

    BS/MS - then went to the dark side, and wrote engineering software, for which physics knowledge often helped, for my career. Looking for my next, and last project that I can ride into a gradual retirement, that has *something* to do with physics. And yes. Knew Maxwell, personally.
  2. Sahan

    Admissions I Need some advice about my physics undergraduate options

    I Need some advices about my physics undergraduate options. I did my A/L s in biological science stream which means I didn't took Applied mathematics and pure mathematics as my A/L subjects. I learnt certain amount of calculus during Past few months and I actually like the subject and good at...
  3. BadgerBadger92

    Schools What are the best online physics courses?

    After a long time, I think I want to go back to school. I want to go to an online college. So here are my questions What is the most highly recommended college? (Preferably one with relativity, quantum mechanics, and field theory) What kind of tuition and course prices should I expect? I...
  4. P

    Undergraduate modern physics and condensed matter physics courses

    Do they really teach and help anything? I am taking them for my nanoengineering undergraduate program. The textbooks are solid state physics by j r hook and concepts of modern physics by mcgraw hill and r b singh introduction to modern physics and introduction to quantum mechanics by david j...
  5. Pispi Choudhury

    Courses Math & Physics Courses for Quantum & Statistical Field Theory

    Summary:: What are the relevant mathematics/ mathematical physics courses for studying quantum field theory and statistical field theory? I'm a physics undergraduate currently in my junior(third) year, thanks.
  6. J

    Courses Which is more challenging -- Graduate vs Undergraduate Physics Courses

    When first encountering them, did you find your undergraduate physics courses or your graduate physics courses to be more conceptually and technically challenging?
  7. J

    Programs Studying Physics Courses at 50 years old

    From experience, up to what age can the brain and neurons still able to study physics? Steven Weinberg is already 80+ years old. Is his brain still as good as when he was in the 20s? If I begin undergraduate course in physics at 50 yrs old. How long before I can graduate as a PhD? I want to...
  8. J

    Schools Comparing AP Physics C to College Intro Physics Courses

    To the people who took AP Physics C in high school and then took the introductory Calc-based physics sequence in college; how does Physics C compare to the Intro Sequence?
  9. D

    Courses What Are the Best Structured Online Physics Courses for In-depth Learning?

    Hello. I'm brand-new to the forum. Can someone suggest some great online physics courses or point me to a location with that information? Background notes • I am a physician (ophthalmologist sub-specialized in corneal transplants). • I have not practiced for many years due to a spinal core...
  10. J

    Courses What are the challenging undergrad physics courses?

    Are there any courses in the standard undergrad physics curriculum that tend to be more challenging than others?
  11. H

    Courses Taking online physics courses to transfer to UMN

    I'm looking for the online physics course to transfer university of minnesota ( 1301w or 1201w ). Is there anyone taking the online physics to transfer umn as meet the phys1201 or 1301??
  12. TheKracken5

    Schools Lack of physics courses at private university for a physics major

    Hi, so I am a double major in Math and just recently added physics. But going through the major requirements and my university's offerings, it seems we don't offer many courses. This is also the case for our math program (and part of the reason I added the additional degree). I am curious if...
  13. starstruck_

    Good textbooks for second year physics courses?

    Hey! Im going into second year and I’m trying to find textbooks to study for some physics courses out of since I have the time. Heck, even some multivariable calculus textbooks might help. We use James Stewart’s Early Transcendentals 8th Edition and it didn’t really help- that and uh I...
  14. UMath1

    Programs Physics courses to supplement ME degree

    I am a Mechanical Engineering student but I very much miss the theoretical side of education from my Physics classes in high school. I am looking to supplement my degree with electives in upper-division Physics courses. Which courses would be the most value-adding and have minimal overlap with...
  15. J

    Courses Calc III and Solid State Physics courses in same semester?

    Hi! So I just breezed through a summer Calc II course (took E&M and Modern Physics last semester) and will be approaching Solid State Physics and Calc III this coming semester together. I've taken my school's upper division Linear Algebra course and passed before last semester and continue to do...
  16. Arij

    Studying Falling behind in physics courses

    Hi all, So I'm having hard time going through my physics courses. I tend to fall behind in the middle of the semster and once I'm behind it's hard to get myself on track again. So I am taking Classical Mechanics using Taylor's textbook. And Quantum Mechanics using griffiths I want to...
  17. E

    Studying How to deal with cramped Physics courses?

    For the next two semesters, I will be taking about ~11 upper level physics courses. To be specific, within two semesters, I have to take optics, math based physics split into two semesters (covers differential equations, vector, integral, laplace, fourier, and complex analysis), thermodynamics...
  18. CrunchBerries

    Courses Math and Physics courses suggestions?

    I currently work full time and I am planning on taking some online courses prior to getting into university in a Physics pogram. I am starting with Calculus 1 (already enrolled). I basically need to take 4 courses overall (not my choice), but which courses i take are my choice. Here are some...
  19. HeavyMetal

    Chemistry Grad Student taking Graduate Level Physics Courses

    Hello all, I am a first year graduate student in chemistry studying electronic structure theory. I am fascinated with physics, and a lot of what we work on deals with some heavy QM and mathematical methods. I've asked my advisor and he supports my choice to take some courses in the physics...
  20. A

    Best introduction to upper-level physics courses?

    I'm about to enter college as an Electrical Engineering student, but I am considering changing my major to physics. Before I commit, however, I would like to take an advanced physics course (QM, Classical Mechanics II, Thermodynamics, etc.) so that I can get a feel for the mathematical rigor of...
  21. J

    Order of Math and Physics Courses

    Hello, I am preparing to start college and I'm looking for assistance in how to order my courses. Before taking any Physics courses, my school requires you complete Calculus 1. After taking Calculus 1, I will be eligible for Physics 1. Would it be wise to complete Calculus 2 before beginning...
  22. A

    What electives would be most beneficial?

    I recently changed my major to physics from business. I would be going into my senior year as a business student had I stayed, so I have all my core requirements done. While I'm catching up on some maths, I'll need to fill my schedule with electives to remain a full-time student. What courses...
  23. T

    A rocket fires two engines simultaneously

    A rocket fires two engines simultaneously. One produces a thrust of 655N directly forward while the other gives a thrust of 508N at an angle 34.0∘ above the forward direction 1.Find the magnitude of the resultant force which these engines exert on the rocket. 2.Find the deviation of the...
  24. jaskamiin

    Which of these courses could be seen as superfluous?

    Hi, I'm a long-time lurker, and finally decided to get in on the fun with you guys. I have a list of courses I can take at my university, and I'm wondering which of these I could safely go without if pursuing the physics B.S. as my primary degree (as opposed to math - my current). I'll put...
  25. A

    Programs Physics Courses to Complement Electrical Engineering Degree

    I'm a sophomore electrical engineering student, and I'm highly considering minoring in physics. I'm currently in Electricity and Magnetism. The minor is not entirely for professional purposes, though if it helps, then that's great, but it's also something I'd like to do for my own personal...
  26. A

    Multiple Choice for Physics Courses

    Hey guys! This is my first post, so hopefully it is in the correct spot. I'm a grade 12 student in Canada. I am thinking of majoring in computer science because I love logic and technology. I plan on taking some physics electives because I enjoy physics, more specifically modern physics...
  27. D

    Schools How do graduate schools look at non-core physics courses?

    How do graduate schools look at "non-core" physics courses? If a graduate committee sees the transcript of a student who did well in all the core physics courses (≥B+) but in then see a C or C+ in a non-core physics course, say electronics? Could that essentially break an application or is...
  28. D

    Taking third-year physics courses during senior year

    Hi, I'm an undergraduate double-major, Physics and English literature, going into my senior year. I chose/declared both of my majors during sophomore year, having entered school with a vague intention of majoring in linguistics (which soon dissipated). As such, I'm about a 'year behind' in...
  29. P

    Starting my third year physics courses, and Im worried

    Next fall I will be taking EM, Mechanics, Quantum mechanics and a 2000 level mechanics lab that is its own course. I will also be doing research for credit, however the professor is very lenient on when we meet and how much work is done. My concern is one, that i think my EM knowledge is...
  30. G

    Teaching Different Physics Courses

    Hi all, I have an interview question and trying to figure out how to answer this. What is the difference between calculus based physics, trig based physics, survey physics, conceptual physics, and astronomy courses? How should the teaching methods you follow be different for each...
  31. M

    Courses Help Needed: Deciding on My 3rd Year Physics Courses

    Hello! As the title suggests, I am in a dilemma in trying to decide on my courses for next semester in my 3rd year in an undergraduate Physics program. As of right now my 2nd semester looks like this: -Quantum Mechanics -Thermal Physics -Numerical Analysis -3rd year Physics Lab...
  32. X

    Courses More Maths or Physics Courses as an Physics undergrad?

    Hi, I'm looking for some advice on course selection and their potential impact on graduate school applications. I'm going into my third year and I'm primarily interested in Physics. I was originally thinking of doing a double major in Maths & Physics, but unfortunately they conflict with some...
  33. L

    Courses Need help deciding on proper physics courses.

    Hello, I am currently at a community college planning to transfer to a four year school for mechanical engineering. I last took physics in high school seven years ago, although I remember most of the concepts and even a couple basic equations. I am taking Calculus I this fall. My original...
  34. A

    The Companys providing excellent equipment for MSc Physics courses

    Please give the detail of the manufacturer whom you know who are providing excellent equipments needed for MSc Physics course. As we start MSc course in a College, in India, to establish good Laboratory, these information are valuable. Imperative that the quality includes the excellent service...
  35. N

    Courses Doing well in graduate physics courses

    Hey everyone, I am currently a first-year grad student, and I'm having a little bit of trouble in quantum mechanics. I'm doing alright in E&M and Stat Mech. but on the quantum mechanics exams, I'm usually scoring about 10-15 points below the median. To study, I first make sure that I'm...
  36. A

    Courses Advice for Artemis: Future Physics Courses

    Hello everyone. My name is Artemis (namesake of Greek goddess/hunter yet I am male) and I am seeking advice on my future academic study. I am currently 12 years old, and though that is a subtle age I am currently taking private courses in Quantum Physics. My course is about to be completed and...
  37. C

    Courses Which instrument would be a better tool for advanced physics courses?

    This question may be in the wrong section and quite irrelevant for many of you. Anyway, I need to buy a new calculator for my linear algebra course to deal with matrices and that stuff... which would you recommed I buy between the TI INSPIRE CX - CAS and the TI 89 TITANIUM? These are the ones my...
  38. R

    Courses Math needed to start taking physics courses?

    You've heard the story probably a thousand times: "Slacker kid, extremely bright, does absolutely nothing through high school, not even a single homework assignment - stumbles into a deep love for Physics and wants to start taking Physics courses at the local community college for a couple years...
  39. A

    Courses 3 physics courses at once too much?

    I'm an undergraduate physics major. It's my 4th year at college but my 3rd year as a Physics major. Then I also took one semester off when I thought I wanted to go into elementary education instead so... my schedule of physics classes hasn't exactly been as standard as most others'. In the...
  40. S

    Undergraduate physics courses in India

    I held the view that the undergraduate physics course at CMI as the best undergraduate physics course in India as the entrance exam is competitive and tough. Very few are selected. But after reading the article: http://www.cmi.ac.in/~anirbit/CMI_Physics.pdf I feel disheartened since getting to...
  41. S

    Schools Physics Graduate School Without Physics Courses

    Long story short, I am currently a junior mathematics major, and I plan on going to graduate school for physics. My college offers but two, non-calculus based physics courses covering classical mechanics, electricity and magnetism. Correct me if I'm wrong (please!), but I believe that if I do...
  42. E

    Courses Are there vocational physics courses for high school graduates?

    Is there such a thing like a vocational physics course that can be attended after finishing high school? I am 35 years old man from the East Europe and have a high school degree.I used to love physics very much in the past and now I got an idea that it would be nice to steer my carrier in that...
  43. N

    Schools Planning Your Undergraduate Physics Courses: Which Maths to Prioritize?

    Hey guys, this is my first thread here, and I have a question about courses to take during my undergraduate. I am currently in Engineering Science at the University of Toronto, in the physics option (so basically eng phys). I am going into my third year and I have a large degree of...
  44. D

    Courses Physics Courses/ Topics used in FE

    Hi, I searched the forum but couldn't come up with any answers, so here goes my question: What are the topics/ courses that are used in Financial Engineering? I have the chance to take up to 4 courses (usual UG Physics courses) and my pick was Mathematical Physics & Statistical Mechanics, but...
  45. S

    Courses How hard are upper division physics courses compared to freshman physics?

    I just took a first semester of a first year physics course for scientists and engineers. Even though I thought that course work was rather rigorous, I did well and got an A in the course. I'm thinking about going into biophysics, but need to have a GPA in the range of 4.0-3.9 since I plan to...
  46. F

    Free Video Lectures from universities, all Math and Physics courses

    Like with all the opencoursewares universities have opened, is it possible that you can just visit their lectures if you miss class? I have visited pretty much every universities and videos out there and have made a list PreCalculus& Algebra Physics PatrickJmt KhanAcademy First Year...
  47. B

    Review Materials for Upper Level Physics Courses

    I'm looking for any recomendations for review materials for upper level courses, particularly QM and solid state. I graduated in 2008 will a degree in Physics education, and as a result have a decently strong theoritcal background, however as you might imagine some of the education classes did...
  48. S

    Online Quantum Physics courses

    Does anyone know of a good place to look to take a course in quantum physics online? I am a teacher and recently did a unit on black holes, and I found them fascinating. My background is in liberal arts, but I think with a lot of work I could get through it. Thank you in advance for all who...
  49. J

    Schools Undergrad physics courses in European universities

    Hi there, I'm Rafid and I'm a highshool student from Bangladesh. I would like to pursue a physics major in my bachelors studies. I have searched some universities in Sweden, all of which are great, but the language of instruction for all of them is Swedish. Are there any good universities...
  50. B

    Courses Struggling with Experimental Physics Labs?

    Experimental Physics Courses?? Hi everyone, I have some problems with Experimental Physics courses. I'm senior physics student and I have taken 2 experimental course (out of 3) so far. In my university we spend six hours doing one experiment and submit a report at the end of the lab. The...