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Suggestion: Electrical engineering

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    Does anyone have a good suggestion for books in Electrical engineering, specifically:

    - Analog Circuits Design and Analysis
    - RF circuits
    - Microelectronics and Device physics
    - Power Electronics
    - Signals and Systems; Feedback and control theory for Electrical Engineering.

    Something short and to the point would be very appreciated (I don't have much time)

    Thank you.
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    You are short on time, but want a good book to read about very complex and rich aspects of EE? Those aren't particularly compatible. Perhaps you could define "short and to the point" ?
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    I could recommend a number of books in those areas, but none would fit my definition of short and to the point. Those subjects are complex enough that even a book that gets to the point via some minimization constraints, will still not be short. Or, if it did, it would be short and to-the-point and incomprehensible to anyone who is not already an expert.

    Well, enough yapping ... one suggestion for Systems and Control theory (which is not short, at just under 1000 pages) is "Modern Control Engineering" by Ogata. If such lengths are short enough, I can recommend other books.
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    Art of Electronics by Horowitz is good, very all-encompassing with regards to EE topics but not sure it goes into sufficient deph on any one area like a textbook would.
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    I second that one. I intended to mention that along with others, if the OP gave us more guidance on what "short and to the point" means. That one is over 1100 pages.
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