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Medical Suggestions for my final year project

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    I am biomedical enginerring student, I am working to gather Ideas for my graduation project and I will appreciate if anyone provides me with some ideas and some relaible sources (if any) for any innovative biomedical engineering project
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    This questions difficult to answer without knowing your background, strengths, interests, career plan and what facilities are available to you.
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    I have an idea for an app. Conductive measurement. I am not sure whether the idea can be accomplished.
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    Like I said in the other thread, a portable EEG monitor for the brain, the equivalent of a portable ECG for the heart would make you rich
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    My idea for an app is measurement of iron in the skin. I'm not sure whether one CAN get an accurate measurement of the iron in the skin.
    "Susceptibility of Skin Cells to UVA-induced Necrotic Cell Death Reflects the Intracellular Level of Labile Iron"
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    You could possibly use x-ray spectroscopy, a portable unit that gives out some low level electrons and the resultant angle of diffraction of iron could be built in so that only iron would show up. Don't know how deep electrons penetrate skin though. They may not need to go very deep. You can generate electrons by having a high voltage on a spike shaped electrode, very small radius tip and the corona generated could make x rays on hitting the skin.
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    Quote: x-ray

    Answer: I was thinking more in line with two prongs coming out of the iphone with either magnetic measurement or conductive measurement between the two prongs ? THAT way one would have a defined measurement , between the prongs , which would allow for a general measurement. They can measure the amount of iron in the skin already but I'm not sure how portable and therefore available to those working in the 'bush' , even off the grid?
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    This first one is the one which measures the skin iron and the second is a device which measures the carotene in the skin. I've been wondering whether the second one , the scanner , would indirectly measure iron due to the fact iron destroys carotene by oxidation ?

    "The use of skin Fe levels as a surrogate marker for organ Fe levels, to monitor treatment in cases of iron overload"

    "The recent study showing that skin carotenoids can be indicative of oxidative stress in the body is an important advance in antioxidant research and may potentially be the most important discovery with the Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner."
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    Another emerging tech is the use of polymers to reduce infection on surfaces of medical devices. During my research of the natural lipid lecithin , someone discovered , lecithin included in bone paste was able to limit infection , which is a problem in placing bone paste in the body. The curious thing about that research is I found someone ELSE had found lecithin , since it is related chemically to oil , could be placed IN plastic. I am wondering whether NOW does that plastic inhibit infection ?
    "Complexation of lecithin with cationic polyelectrolytes: "Plastic membranes" as models for the structure of the cell membrane?"

    The reason , in theory , why the lecithin inhibits infection is the phosphates in the lecithin which bind the metal iron required by infection. It would be in line with the old starch based paint which was used on lead impregnated walls ? The starch based paint is a metal chelator BECAUSE of these phosphates ? as its' mode of action ?
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    Ali, I don't wish to be rude to you but you can't just get in the water and let the tide take you there? That's usually how it's done you know; you let your interests guide you and let those passions take you wherever it leads you. Isn't that a nicer approach? That way you'll have your passion backing you up, in the night when you're tired and want to quit, your passion will keep you going and often, often it's that little bit of extra that gets you there.

    So you asked for ideas right? So my idea is to let your passion guide you to the work you'll choose.
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