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Suggestions on securing the bottom of a whiteboard to the wall?

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    I just bought a whiteboard for my wall, but I have a minor issue. While the top of it had brackets to secure it to the wall, the bottom of it has nothing to attach to the wall. Anyone have any suggestions on a good way to secure the bottom so it doesn't pop up when I'm writing on it?
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    Buy some brackets at a hardware store.
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    Thanks. I'll have to look around and see what I can find that I can attach to it. I'm assuming there are kinds with sticky material on the back or something. There isn't anywhere for me to screw anything into the bottom, nor would I see there being any point in putting the bottom on top of screws without any weight on them to actually secure it. Just thought I'd see if there was some common way of doing it.
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    I used a thick double sided tape.
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