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Suitcase in elevator - Find pressure on the floor

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    1.A suitcase (mass m = 16 kg) is resting on the floor of an elevator. The part of the suitcase in contact with the floor measures 0.50 m by 0.14 m. The elevator is moving upward, the magnitude of its acceleration being 1.40 m/s2. What pressure (in excess of atmospheric pressure) is applied to the floor beneath the suitcase?

    2. P=F/A

    Force=ma = 16kg*9.1.4m/s/s=22.4
    A= .5m*.14m= .07
    F/A= 22.4/.07
    P= 320 Pa
    This is wrong, can someone tell me where I went wrong?
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    Re: Pressure

    Force on the suitcase in a descending lift is m*(g-a).
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