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Summer 2012 math REU? (Current sophomore)

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    Hey everyone,

    I'm a sophomore math and ME major (long story), and as the title suggests, want to take part in a math REU program this summer. I have taken calculus I-III, am currently taking a first course in proofs (Set Theory and Logic), applied linear algebra, and introductory ODEs. Next semester I will be taking upper-level linear algebra, number theory, partial differential equations, and statistics for scientists and engineers. I also know python, java, mathematica, and less extensively both matlab and latex. I am a tutor in my schools math center, too, if that would help.

    I am interested in applied math (mathematical modeling in particular), and was hoping to find out how realistic it is for someone with my background to get into an REU program as a sophomore. I have a 4.0 in math (3.667 overall) and expect mostly As this semester (definitely in math courses, at the very least). I think my calc I-II teacher would give a great recommendation (a lecturer, not professor if that matters), and my current differential equations professor too.

    thanks to anyone who can help!

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    That's definitely doable! I did an REU the summer after my sophomore year and had a lighter background than you will. Just apply to lots of places, even if they aren't a perfect fit to your interests. Letters of recommendation are also key. Good luck!
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