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Summer 2014 reu please share and comment

  1. Jan 31, 2014 #1
    I am thinking about applying for a summer REU, please leave advice and/or experience comments. I am an undergrad math student from a small public liberal arts school in WI. I have gone through the calculus series, and am starting Elementary Number Theory. I have a 3.94 gpa and am finishing my sophomore year. I have no research experience. What do you think my chances of getting an REU are?
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    I'm not sure, chimath35. I know and have been told they are highly competiteve. I'm a junior and have taken several upper division proof courses such as abstract algebra I and II, couple courses in linear algebra, etc. I've also done research with a professor at my school and presented my work at a conference. With all this, I have been reject from 5 of the 13 places I have applied to, and have not yet heard back from the other 6. I spoke to the UC Berkeleys MSRI UP director and he told me they had 340 applications! You will have a beter chance once you are a junior and have more courses under your belt, though.
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