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Summer project ideas? Possibly a cyclotron?

  1. Jun 7, 2012 #1
    I'm looking for some sort of project to do this summer. I was looking around, and I heard about making a small, home-made cyclotron, but it sounds like materials would be hard to get and expensive.

    So, does anyone have any examples of a great, preferably time-consuming project that I could complete over the next two months? Something about particle physics, or electromagnetism, waves/optics, or even just a fun contraption to build to study/demonstrate classical mechanics would be cool.

    I'm a third year Math/Physics double major with a minor in computer science, so I have some amount of skill/experience and would prefer to tackle a more difficult and interesting project. Preferably a project that wouldn't be too expensive.

    Thank you, any suggestions and ideas would be greatly appreciated (especially if you can explain or give a link to an explanation of how to do it).
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    Build a Pulsejet or if you're into electricity an ionocraft!
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    particle physics: Wilson cloud chamber

    electromagnetism: magnetic Foucault Pendulum interacting with terrestrial magnetic field

    waves/optics: spectrograph to measure emission and absorption lines of sunlight
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    Thanks :) these all seem like cool ideas.
  6. Jun 28, 2012 #5
    A Betatron.

    Its an electron particle accelerator and easy and simple to build if you'r not aiming for very high energies.
    You can find info about on the wiki and google books.
    I just don't have the tools to build that... if you succeed show us what you made :)
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