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Summer REU for International students(computer science)

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    Dear all:
    I am an international student in SUNY-University at buffalo. I browsed many websites, and tried my best to get info. about Summer REU available for international students in the field of Computer Science. But most the efforts are in vain. Almost all the programs are funded by NSF, and thus requiring a US citizenship. I will be very grateful if you could provide me with some info.! Thank you guys~
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    You are almost certainly out of luck in regards to REUs and national-type internships because NSF does the bulk of the funding for these things. You may have better luck selecting professors to contact at universities and explaining you'd like to work with them for the summer. Note that it is your best interest to select them carefully. Sending out a mass-email to everyone and anyone is a surefire way to get no response. For some reason students love to do this to my professor and I promise you she hasn't ever read one of these emails, much less responded.
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