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Surface area of N spherical droplets?

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    I have the following problem
    Assume that 30.0 cm^3 of gasoline is atomized into N spherical droplets, each with a radius of 2.00 x 10^-3 m. What is the total surface area of these N spherical droplets?
    I calculated the surface area of each atom to be 5x10^-9 m^2.
    I also calculated the volume of each droplet to be 3.35x10^-14 m^3.
    However, my mind can't seem to relate these numbers to my task. Any help is GREATLY appreciated.
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    First things first. Next time, please post this in the correct Homework Help section. This forum is for general academic advice not pertaining homework problems.:smile:

    Ok, so you know you have N atoms each with a known surface area. If you know the surface area of one, what is stopping you from finding the total surface area of all of them?

    HINT: What would be the surface area of 2 droplets? 3? 4? ...
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