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Syntax for DDL table design in MSSQLServer 2014.

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    Hi all, I am learning DDL ( as opposed to GUI ) table design in MSSL2014.

    EDIT I am given a table printout and I want as an output the(a) DDL code that would output the given table.
    Sorry, I don't have a scanner nor the original file in my PC, I have a table diagram in a piece of paper.

    I have the following questions, please:

    1) Is there a necessary order of attributes and constraints? Meaning, can I equally write:

    Create Table 'Table Name' ( attribute1 datatype(attribute1) not null/null , attribute2 datatype(attribute2) not null/null , constraint1 ....)

    Create Table 'Table Name' ( attribute1 datatype(attribute1) not null/null , constraint1...., attribute2 datatype(attribute2) not null/null , constraint1 ....)

    2) Do I need a comma between the declaration of an attribute's properties and a constraint statement?

    3)Do I need a comma to separate any two consecutive constraint statements? Or do I just write ....constraint ....
    constraint.... ?

    4) Say I have an attribute, say, JobId, in a table 'Job' and this attribute is a Foreign Key . The constraint statement here is:

    constraint [FK_Job] foreign key (JobID) references .......

    Can I tell from an ERD (given graphically) which attribute is being referenced? Sometimes the attribute that is being referenced is given a different name within the entity to which the attribute is exported. Is there a way of seeing which other attribute is being referenced?
    I will try to scan the ERD when I get a chance.

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