Taken adderall in order to study better or focus more on a test?

  1. Has anyone here ever taken adderall in order to study better or focus more on a test?
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    Focus better?

    When I'm writing a test, that's all I can think about!

    Although I do take a short break (few minutes) half way through tests and exam, to look around and think of things other than the test. Even though it might not be appropriate, sex is the best thing. If I try to think about something else like hockey, it always seems to get re-directed to the test.

    Well, that works for me.

    I wouldn't recommend taking drugs personally.
  4. ummm

    Haha definitley not appropriate in a test situation! Don't you find it hard to concerntrate after your brief few moments?
  5. I would recommend not takin adderall before an important test unless you have done it before, it might turn out bad!!
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    Depends on who is sitting next to you. :wink:
  7. what do you mean by that?
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    :eek: I swear! I wasn't cheating! :eek:

    "...then what were you looking at?"

    :uhh: Um... nothing. :uhh:
  9. Is that what the person next to you would say, or is that what you (on adderal) would say?
  10. Im glad I never have to sit next to you
  11. I used to take adderall (for about 2 years). I got sick of taking it, and stopped. I still take it ever once in awhile to study, and it can help. It can also do the exact oppsite and put you in a unproductive "zone".

    As rhuthwaite said, if you haven't taken it before, DO NOT take it before something important. Any time you start (or try) a medication, it should be done in a controlled enviornment.

    Depending on your sensitivity, and the type of adderall, it can last anywhere from 4 to 12 hours. Sometimes when I take it, I can sleep without any problems. Other times I'll take it, and if I've had a lot of caffeine (which I normally do) that day, I will not be able to sleep soundly.

    Also, when I take adderall, I notice that my math skills drop. On adderall I think too linear. It's good for trying to store a ton of information that just requires you to spit it out, but it kind of kills my logical skills. It was helpful when I would cram for chemistry, and geography. It was NOT good for physics, math, or engineering courses.
  12. Oh I never really explained why I brought up the sleep issue. Lets say you take it the night before a test to cram. You might take it at 2 in the afternoon, and spend all day studying. When night rolls around, if you are really sensitive to it, you might not fall asleep until 2 or 3, or maybe later.

    Now if you have a test the next day and you've had 4 hours of sleep, good friggen luck. Also, if you decide to take adderall two days in a row, you can be tricked into thinking you are awake, but really you are not really with it. It's like your body isn't tired, but your mind is still asleep.
  13. What about Provigil (modafinil)?
  14. So i should take it before hitting town after a busy week?
  15. Have you ever used it to study?

    A friend of mine (not me :biggrin: ) is studying with its aid as right now. My friend said that it really helps.
  16. My friend tells me it is just like adderal without the euphoria. The euphoria from adderal scares my friend because he likes the feeling and doesn't want to get addicted.
  17. It can give some people anxiety. I personally don't like to talk to a group of people when I take adderall, but that's just me.

    or were you talking about Provigil?
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  18. I'd really like to try Provigil. I haven't tried it.

    Adderall can give you euphoria... but it really depends on the dosing and how you handle it. If you take it for some time, all the "positives" begin to turn into negatives. Again... this all depends on the person.

    I think the best edge you can have for personal study is exercise, and a proper diet. That's helped me out a hell of a lot more than adderall ever did.

    I've read about neutropics some time ago, and Provigil looks VERY interesting.

    Also, how did your friend get Provigil?
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    Used to treat Attention Deficit Disorder and Narcolepsy.

    Now there is a combo for you.
    Although I suppose you could say that Narcolepsy is failing to pay attention at all.
  20. You said it brother.
  21. hmmm... so Provigil probably requires talking with a shrink. I believe it is a schedule 4 drug, so it should be a lot easier to get then the adderall/ritalin route.
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