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Taking linear algebra with calc 2

  1. Feb 5, 2014 #1
    How difficult will this be? I have 6 semesters left at CC and I need to take college algebra, precalc, calc 1, calc 2, calc 3, linear algebra, and dif equations.

    So I have to have some overlap somewhere but I am not 100% sure. College Algebra is a prereq for precalc, which I have to take before calculus.

    Should I double up when I am taking calc 1 or calc 2? All I have been told by the teachers I have talked to is that the calculus 2 and 3 classes are pretty heavy workloads.
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    What is the formal pre-req for Linear Algebra at your school? At some schools you can not take it until you have completed calc 3. At my CC the class is called linear analysis and it is a combination of linear algebra and Dif. Equ. and the pre req is calc 2.

    You should look it up before you decide.
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    One of them may be a "formal" prerequisite, but in my experience neither calc 2 nor calc 3 are really needed for a class in linear algebra. Perhaps the only reason they are prereqs is because they teach you how to think and follow logic.
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    These two courses complement each other well. You can use linear algebra when you are doing partial fractions in calc 2.
  6. Feb 5, 2014 #5
    Only calc 1 is a requirement for linear algebra.

    Alright good to know, I wanted to double up calc 2 with linear algebra so I could take calc 3 alone then dif equations alone. (Alone as in no other math classes with them)
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    I would suggest taking calc 3 and diff eq at the same time. They shouldn't be rigorous in their own right to warrant having to take them alone
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