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Technological development required for uploading

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    ..just extrapolating from augmented reality..the next step would be uploading..it offers the prospect of immortality, the ability to now inhabit two worlds..the virtual and physical...the ability for light-speed travel..if your mind can be faxed around and combined with intelligent nano-assemblers and the equivalent of a 'USB transducer'..if people understand what I mean, the ability to transform into any machine, any object (just like the duex ex machina 'face' in the matrix movie)...so that people can have fun in the physical reality by becoming anything... Perhaps they might one day even be able to mess around with space-time...

    Certainly in the virtual reality..inventing any kind of reality for yourself is possible..

    If I were a computer scientist or engineer, I would probably be striving towards developing technologies that would enable this. What would be the kind of software and hardware techs that would need to be worked on?
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    If nanotech scanners/ 'brain rebuilders' were introduced into the brain, they would float around, scanning the topology and then would creating an arificial copy in place and destroy the original or simply reinforce the original in order to render it indestructible..

    if this were done all over the brain and an additional component were added that served as an interface to the virtual world..you would gotten there..

    This is all assuming consciousness is purely product of biology..

    ok..maybe this topic belongs in the AI forum....how do you shift it there?
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    This sounds like a pretty far fetched idea.

    I'm not sure people would want to replace their brains with artificial intelligence and I am sure that nobody could even begin to tell you what hardware specs would be required to do such a thing anyways.

    I think you need to lay off the science fiction for a while. ;)

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    Right..yeah I can easily see how this could seem crackpot like..

    just read about uploading and read about this

    and thought it sounded cool.
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    check out


    some of these 'sci-fi' stuff is being brought to life. Man, working here would be one of the coolest things possible.
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    This looks a lot like futuristic scientific theory. In the 50's they envisioned flying cars by the 80's.

    I wouldn't put much stock in this. Nanotechnology is nowhere near where it needs to be to do this sort of thing. Also, the author seems to have a misconception of what "AI" actually is. So the author makes up "AGI." Then they define "AGI" how AI really is.. This doesn't give the paper much credibility.. The person doesn't even understand what AI is.

    I suggest you look at where nanotechnology and AI research is right now and where they predict it will be in the future so that you can draw your own conclusions. I wouldn't use sites like this in your research though if I were you. Maybe you should look for some MIT white papers or some other scientific community publishing.
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    Please be careful not to get so close to crackpottery in the general technical forums, CuriousArv. That is generally not permitted here on the PF. I'm going to move this to General Discussion, and run it past the other Mentors to be sure it's still okay to leave up in GD.
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