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Homework Help: Temperature change in a nail it's a tricky one.

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    "Pounding an nail into wood makes the nail warmer. Consider a 5-g steel nail 6 cm long, and a hammer that exerts an average force of 600 N on it when driving the nail into a piece of wood. About how much hotter will the nail become? (The specific heat capacity of steel is 450 J/kgC.)"

    Here's my work:
    Given: m = 0.005 kg, d = 0.06 m, F = 600 N, c = 450 J/kgoC
    Unknown: ΔT
    Equation: W = Fd, Q = mcΔT
    Substitution: W = 600 N * 0.06 W = 30 J
    30 J = 0.005 kg * 450 J/kgoC * ΔT
    Solution: ΔT = 16 oC

    Is this correct?
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    It does look correct, even with your typo of 30 J instead of 36 J, but you used 36 J anyway in your calc, looks good!:wink:
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    Oh! Yes, 30 J was a typo; I actually used 36 J. Thank you for checking my work though!
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