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Temperature dependant resistor for MAF

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    Hi folks, so heres my recent problem, My car has a broken MAF (mass airflow sensor)
    the semiconductor innards are ok but the very thin metal strip that comes into the airflow tube has become brittle from old age and broken up.
    I know the MAF works when it sends a low voltage through the resistance and then as the air that flows past it changes temperature and velocity the resistor is cooled more or less and from this the voltage through it varies.

    the thing is for my car I can either buy something close to the original which is siemens made and costs very much or then there are some Chinese alternatives etc but I have tried some of them and they don't work at all , some of them never even disable the check engine light from the beginning.
    Also I observed that the original had a thin metal strip as the resistor element but the aftermarket low quality ones seem to have what seems a ordinary style 0.125w resistor mounted inbetween the contacts.

    So here's my question is there any readily available material or resistor that I could use for this application ?
    I don't aim for best performance I simply need good fuel economy and being able to drive as this is a rather old car and I don't want to spend it's very worth on a small piece of plastic with a resistor in it.
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    jim hardy

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    What kind of car is it ?

    In your place i'd look in a junkyard.
    My local metal recycle yard crushes cars . The owner is friendly and will sell small parts like you describe very cheap provided you remove them .
    He doesn't charge anything for plastic parts.

    just a thought

    old jim
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    Well that's a german car , Opel Omega has a 2.0 gasoline engine.
    Well I tried scrapyards , they don't have that many of these cars around here.
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