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Homework Help: Temperature distrubution in a cooling fin (result interpretation)

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    I am analyzing the lengthwise temperature distribution in a cooling fin (length: 30mm, width: 10mm, the tip is assumed to be adiabatic, Biot number is smaller than 0.1).

    When I try to calculate the dimensionless temperature distribution (see calculation below), I obtain a curve which has a minimum at about 2/3 of the fin length and increases again after that (see attachment).

    I don't understand why the temperature should increase again towards the tip of the fin. Using Ansys to model the fin I obtained the other curve in the graph, which shows decreasing temperatures towards the tip of the fin (and makes more sense to me).
    I don't know whether I am making a mistake in my calculations, or whether there is a simple explanation.
    Any advice would be appreciated!


    distribution "theta" (x) = cosh(m*(1-x/L)) / cosh(m) ,

    where m= sqrt [ ( P*L*h) / (A*k) ]

    h=heat transfer coefficient
    k=thermal conductivity

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    Pretty sure you've made a mistake in evaluating the above. For "m" a constant that expression definitely achieves its minimum when x = L.
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    Thanks for the suggestion uart, I'm not sure why it wasn't working, but it does now:)
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