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Testing a Relativity Simulator

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    I've been working on a Special Relativity simulation/game, and I'm interested in getting some feedback.

    Basically, it is a flash game that incorporates time dilation, length contraction, and so on. I'm hoping that it will be a fun way to make these abstract (and confusing) ideas hands-on. But for all that, I need to make sure that:

    a)The physics is correct - no glaring misapplications of relativity
    b)It is enlightening - not just a confusing jumble of weird physics

    PM me if you're interested in testing out the game. I'm looking from feedback from both categories (so from both experts and amateurs). Thanks!

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    Hi, I think it would be interesting to test your simulator, provided that I can run it on my ordinary computer.


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    have fun getting the mathematics to not bog down your game, if I recall the blackhole merger simulations had a similar problem but were able to overcome it. So take heart in that much. I would be interested also in testing the game out.
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    Yes, I've got to say, streamlining the math was no easy task. Knowing how to calculate a single, symmetrical solution for a problem set is hard enough. Generalizing it to a simulation was tougher than I even imagined. Then making it run smoothly, phew! Certainly a fun challenge, though.

    I appreciate that you're willing to take a look. As confusing as relativity is, I'd hate to have messed up somewhere in the sim, and be distributing further confusion to the masses.

    I'll send both of you a private message with details on testing the game. Thanks!
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