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Testing of Impact Sensor-Verify G-Force Readings

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    Testing of Impact Sensor--Verify G-Force Readings

    I'm thinking either free fall test or pendulum
    but I was just curious if anyone could suggest an easier method

    We are looking for a way to test a newly developed impact sensor and verify that we when it says it has been hit with 5 g's for example that it actually was.
    What would the most straightforward way to accuratly create a predictable known G impact?
    With freefall our shop has no accurate way to measure impact time and Pendulum seems to be a test for fracture strength.

    Any help or advice is appreciated
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    Does it have to be an impact? If your device can register a constant acceleration, the easiest thing to do would be to put in a rotating test frame, at the end of an arm. Rotate the arm at an angular velocity that would produce a centrifugal acceleration equivalent to 5 gs.
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    Rotating it sounds like a good idea!
    We are going to go that route...any tips on setting up a device or the calculations?

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    I dont have my good physics book here, but I've been doing some research online and seems like the formula everyone uses is RCF=1.12r(rpm/1000)^2 (r is radius in mm)
    this would tell me what radius and and what rpm to use....or is this wrong since it dosent take angular velocity or arm/sensor weight into account?

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    Twas it mine, I'd get out a Bruel and Kjaer catalogue. The equipment is probably rentable.

    Then, most cities have decent calibration labs, NIST traceable, that could do this.

    Or, if this is completely homebrew, buy a high frequency accelerometer.
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