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Text Book suggestions and Reviews

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    I am a freshmen taking calculus and physics and discrete mathematics and things like that. I was wondering if there are any sites devoted to reviews and comments on books for physics , calculus.

    I have two calculus books, Spivak and Apostol, I took calculus in high school and whatever they are teaching me now in college is a little addition to it. So what do you think, books like Spivak and apostol better suit me. I want to major in physics.
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    You pretty much can't go wrong with Apostol's two volume sequence and Spivak's Calculus/Calculus on Manifolds. As far as majoring in Physics, these books are more geared towards math majors. It'll be overkill but, should you thoroughly work through these books, you'll be prepared for any Calculus you'll encounter in your Physics courses and ready for you're first mathematical analysis class if you wished.
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