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  1. I just downloaded a program called iCall that allows me to make phone calls from my computer. My only problem is is that I don't have a working microphone. I was wondering if there was any way to use a text to speech device to allow me to call someone, hear what they say through my speakers and I can talk to them by typing what I want to say and an electronic voice says it to them. Think there's anyway to do that?
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    You'll find dozens by doing a google search.

    Why don't you go buy a cheap headset?
  4. What words did you use to search? I can't find any.

    I'm going to buy a cheap one on ebay, but I have to wait for my money transfer to paypal.
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  6. What I'm looking for is not only text to speech, but also I want to be able to use that speech to talk to someone I call from my computer. It would be like a chatroom, but they're talking normally and I can hear it through my headphones and instead of me talking back to them through the mic, I would be typing and what I type would be spoken to them by the computerized voices.
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    Did you see the links to the different aps?
  8. All I see is the text to speech applications. I need to be able to combine that with something that allows me to make phone calls from my computer. All I've been able to find that works is iCall. I don't think I can combine a text to speech program with that.
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