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Textbook Question - Instructor's Review Copy

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    I just bought a book online for one of my classes for next semester. I just received the book today, and on the cover of the book says "Instructor's Review Copy." Does this have the same content as the regular student version of the book? What are the differences between the the books, if any? Thanks!
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    It should be the same, but you should confirm that with whomever sold you the text book. Was it purchased new or used?
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    It was purchased new in factory-sealed shrinkwrap.
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    Usually those are sent by the publishers to course instructors for them to see if the book is one they'd like to use for their classes. The instructors receive them free, but the content is the same.
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    I was under the impression that book companies sent these evaluation copies free to professors in hopes that the professor would like them and assign them to the students. I would have guessed that there was some agreement not to sell or give the book away. Perhaps there are some professors here who can shed light on this.
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