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TextBooks for Some Topics in Mathematics

  1. Nov 15, 2014 #1
    I need suggestions for picking up some standard textbooks for the following set of topics as given below:

    Ordinary and singular points of linear differential equations

    Series solutions of linear homogenous differential equations about ordinary and regular singular points

    Hyper-geometric, Legendre and Bessel functions

    Chebyshev, Hermite and Legendre polynomials and their properties

    I need books that would clear me the concepts with little hassle or confusion and which are really easy to follow as self teaching guides.

    Any suggestion would be highly appreciable!
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    Have you checked out the books already suggested?
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    I have myself worked through Engineering Mathematics (Stroud) and I'm half-way through Advanced Engineering Mathematics (Stroud). These two books cover many of the things you mention above and the author explains the concepts in a very straightforward way, no prior knowledge on the topics is needed.
  5. Nov 17, 2014 #4
    If you are talking about the list of suggested textbooks it's exhaustive and I am actually confused as to which one to pick to get started.Could you suggest one?
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    Thanks astrobird!!!!

    If I guess it correctly are you an engineer graduate?
    I was considering Kresyszig but now I would take a look at Stroud.
  7. Nov 18, 2014 #6
    No, I'm not an engineer graduate, actually I have a degree in Marketing but I want to study physics now which means I need to understand the math too :) My level of math knowledge was quite limited before I started, which is one of the reasons I chose Stroud, as especially the first book starts with the very basics. I read a lot of review about these books on Amazon at the time and people were quite positive so it seemed like the right choice and for me it works fine. I can't comment on Kresyszig or any other book I'm afraid, I only tried Stroud so far when it comes to math.
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