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Homework Help: The cost estimate of rack and pinion used in power steering system

  1. Dec 2, 2014 #1
    I'm working on the design project with my partner for mechanical engineering machine design course. We're modeling the rack and pinion used in power steering system.

    How do you determine the cost estimate for the rack and pinion? Any specific steps we need to follow?
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    Question seems to me to be so vague as to be almost meaningless.

    Do you want the cost for building just one? If so, are you counting your labor as being worth anything? Do you have access to wholesale parts or do you need to buy retail? Do you plan on high reliability or least cost? Are you steering a Mac truck or a go-cart? The list goes on and on.

    If you are talking about a production run, then the questions are even more extensive.

    You see how vague your question is?
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    What phinds said. Very difficult to calculate unless something like material costs dominate all others.

    For example if you were a factory owner that wanted to make and sell them would have to include some of the factory overheads in the unit cost. Such things as energy costs, the costs of recruiting and training staff, pensions etc. It all has to be paid for somehow. Even the tax rates for the country of manufacture can make a difference.

    If you are comparing the cost of a rack and pinion with an alternative system then you could perhaps compare materials cost and machining costs (eg how many separate forging and machining operations are needed).
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