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The day after tomorrow

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    This movie exaggerates the effects of Global Warming to be sure but with the weather being a chaotic system I don't think its at all improbable that some of the scenes depicted in the movie couldn't happen. Tornados may become more powerful or there could be a greater occurance of super (F4, F5) tornados, hurricanes could increase in strength as well.
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    Most climatic models have regions of positive feedback if situations stray too far from "normal", but even these depend on years going by for the effects to be large.

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    It is a movie!
    And that is it!
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    They're wrong about Nietzsche in that movie. Very annoying. he wasn't in love with his sister, at least not incestually, and he was quite misogynistic, though not truly chauvinist given his despisal of sexuality. he was also a relativist who claimed that his views about women may very well have been only true for him, the only redeeming feature to that particular portion of his philosophies.
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    Just to stir up the discussion, if at all possible:
    http://www.opinion.telegraph.co.uk/opinion/main.jhtml?xml=%2Fopinion%2F2004%2F05%2F09%2Fdo0903.xml [Broken]
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    We may have recognised the author of that article, Bjorn Lomborg, the sceptical environmentalist who wrote in a book arguing that Kyoto is no good. It costs incredible amounts and the effect is neglible. Now if global warming was just science, then this would be a mere point of view, to be accepted or refuted.

    I have been critiqued about exagarating about global warming hype. Is there a hype? Why be so aggressive against it?

    This is partly why. Lomborg’s crime is only presenting a case and stating an opinion. What happens next is a witch hunt:







    http://bizarrescience.blogspot.com/2003_09_21_bizarrescience_archive.html [Broken]

    This is how it works:

    and this is why:

    http://unfundedmandate.blogspot.com/2004/05/bjorn-lomborg-is-not-nazi.html [Broken]

    Global warming is no hype…. Err?

    There should be a day that ad hominems turn against the attackers. Is it only in fairy tales that the little boys exclaiming: “look mummy, the emperor wears no clothes” are believed. In the real world, we shoot the messengers.
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