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The function f(x) = e^3x +6x^2 +1 has a horizontal tangent at x =?

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    i cant solve it!
    im really lost. i know you find f''(x) (i got 9e^3x +12) but i dont know where to go from there
    what would i do on my calculator?
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    to calculate the horizontal tangent you only need to solve for f ' (x) = 0. f '' (x) is used and further derivatives are used to check whether that particular solution of the first equation gives a maxima, minima or an inflexion point.

    Solve 3e^(3x) + 12x = 0
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    And that equation you will need to solve numerically, perhaps by graphing it on your graphing calculator and "zooming" in where it crosses the x-axis.
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