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Engineering The Fundamentals of Engineering Exam

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    I'm just curious to know how many of you out there took this exam? I know some universities require you to take this exam (although not pass it) in order to graduate with a BS degree in engineering. I have not taken this exam but would like to in the near future as I plan on eventually getting me PE. However, I do not know of a place or organization that offers this exam near me. For those of you that have taken it, where did you take it? Also, when did you take it and did you find the exam to be rather difficult?
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    I took the FE during my senior year at university. The test was on campus, since it had a large number of engineering students.

    For the PE, one should contact the state licensing board, which could be in the state education department. It may be offered only once a year.

    One can contact the National Society of Professional Engineers for more or additional information. www.nspe.org
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    Everyone I know who's taken the exam (it was called the EIT exam back then, for Engineer in Training) took it while still in college and it was offered on campus, and I'm pretty sure required for graduation from engineering school. So, if your school isn't offering it for some reason, you'll probably find the testing site at whatever university is closest to you that has an engineering program.

    My boyfriend took the PE exam ages ago now (before he changed careers), but I can't recall where he took it. I think it was also at a university. But, that's way down the road, because IIRC, you need at least 5 years of work experience in engineering, but the way they calculate what counts as experience, you may not qualify to sit for it after just 5 years of employment, because engineers don't just do engineering projects all day in a real job.
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    Since you are in Michigan, you'll find some info here:


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    I had to take the EIT at Cobo. I remember the morning session being a breeze and the afternoon session being a bugger. I am glad that I took the test. I had to to graduate.

    Funny thing during my test...I remember going to lunch at my car in the parking garage. I came back up the elevator and found Cobo was filled with thousands of Kids because of a Barney stage show going on there as well. It made things a bit surreal.

    The last time I looked into the PE there were test taking facilities in Lansing.
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    I believe the FE Exam is required for Civil Engineers only... perhaps I am mistaken on that ..... and the rest of the Engineering Fields do not have to take the exam .. but the exam is required for all to obtain a PE ... here is the site that should answer all your questions...

    http://www.ncees.org/exams/fundamentals/ [Broken]
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    Many states require an engineer to be licensed in that state if they will sign off on drawings or specifications. Many utilities require some/many engineers have a license, and that could be Mech Eng, EE, Structural Eng, Civ Eng, Nuc Eng.
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    Cobo as in the building in Detroit where the autoshow is every year? I don't want to go into Detroit unless I absolutely have to. :uhh:

    I probably wont take the exam until maybe this summer or perhaps next year. I don't think I will have to much trouble with it but the structural mechanics part already has me worried. I did very well in all my mechanics of materials classes but that was just because I studied the text and the notes, not because I knew the material. :confused:
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    I'm a computer engineer (or an electrical engineering with computer emphasis). Are we required to take the FE exam because on my university's recommended curriculum for EEs, there is nothing stating the FE Exam as a course while for the Mechs and Civils it's integrated into their curriculum.
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    Here you can find in detail regarding the fundamentals of engineering exam .I tried it before , it is a really very good site.This helped me alot and i hope the same with you
    http://www.fundamentalsofengineering.com" [Broken]

    This site was created for students who are close to finishing an undergraduate engineering degree and wish to pass the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam. The site contains study materials like ebooks, downloadable pdfs and loads of questions which you can access once you have signed up.
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