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Homework Help: The Graph About Torque And Mass

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    Hi i am having a problem that i don't understand.
    i on a lab i must present the relationship of torque mass distance from the axis. the problem is how can i graph the graph with the mass of the object is the slope. this is really urgen! Please help me!
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    I assume you are hanging a mass at various distances from a point and somehow measuring the resulting torque. If you graph torque versus distance, the slope wil be proportional to mass, but there are other factors contributing to the slope. Look at the definition of torque. What forces are involved in your experiment?
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    Hmm, Torque should actually be directly proportional, provided you make other variables constant, like distance. In fact, the gradient should be the product of g and the distance. Hence, you can get different lines with different greadients if you perform the same experiment with different distances. A steeper line means greater distance.
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