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The gravitational redshift

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    The item of gravitational redshift in the WIKIpedia says that this redshift is referred to the light of others forms of electromagnetic waves. This puzzles me. Other waves except electromagnetic waves have not this phenomenon, like sonic wave ? Is the gravitational redshift a result of gravitational time dilation? Thx
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    your english is incomprehensible. how about a quote from wikipedia
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    what is the meaning of the nost incomprihensive thing about the universe is that it is comprihensive give detail meanig of it
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    “In physics, light or other forms of electromagnetic radiation of a certain wavelength originating from a source placed in a region of stronger gravitational field (and which could be said to have climbed "uphill" out of a gravity well) will be found to be of longer wavelength when received by an observer in a region of weaker gravitational field.”

    This is from the wikipedia. Sorry my English poor, so I can not express myself correctly.
    I wanna know whether the gravitational redshift is just about the electromagnetic waves?

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    Gravitational redshift applies to all types of waves. Its the result of time moving more slowly deeper in a gravity well.
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