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I The Lagrangian of a Coherent State

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    How does one write a Lagrangian of a coherent state of vector fields (of differing energy levels) in terms of the the individual Lagrangians?

    I desperately need to know how to know to do this, for a theory of mine to make any progress.

    Please stick with me, if I didn't make sense just ask.

    P.S. I don't know what level/prefix this question deserves.
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    Your question doesn't make sense!
    Lagrangians are for systems not individual states of the systems. And actually at that level the notion of states with different energy levels doesn't make sense because at first there is a classical field theory with continuous energy and after quantization, you'll get energy levels.
    This lack of knowledge at your side means that you're not qualified to have a theory.
    And also PF rules forbid the discussion of personal theories.
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    As Shyan says, PF rules do not permit discussion of personal theories, so your theory itself is off topic here.

    Also, your best way of learning how Lagrangians work is to find a good textbook on Lagrangians. As Shyan says, your question as it stands doesn't even make sense, so evidently your knowledge of Lagrangians is very sketchy. Thread closed.
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